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Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

SPESIFIKASI Nokia X5 | Ponsel Kotak Nokia untuk Kawula Muda

SPESIFIKASI Nokia X5 | Ponsel Kotak Nokia untuk Kawula Muda

Try to bring a bit out of the phone grip, Nokia launched the X5. It spelled out a unique mobile phone design, square-shaped box with a sliding keyboard on the back.

The model that impressed this funky deliberately chosen by the Finnish vendor attracted the interest of young people that emphasizes style.

Then to make it more complete, the main feature is used as a tool of course anglers easy access to social networking, instant messaging, and music.

"Young people in Indonesia is very fond of social networking. Most consumers are here to access social networking from their mobile phones," said Bob McDougall, Country Manager Nokia Indonesia.

X5 also claimed to be a reliable music player. The capacity can reach 1000 songs can be stored with a memory that can be encouraged up to 32 GB.

While the 5-megapixel camera has the ability with 4x digital zoom, LED flash, image and video editors.

When attempted detikINET, the camera is immersed in the X5 can say not bad. When the mood light, the pictures taken pretty good. But for the dark a little disappointing.

Sliding qwerty keyboard on the X5 feels very soft and designed with a slightly protruding. So it seems to type in the long term would not be difficult.

"Mobile phones with qwerty keyboard is not usually a serious impression, but the X5 we want to bring the fun qwerty phones," said Haryati Lawidjaja, Software & Service Manager Nokia Indonesia, during the launch of FX Plaza, Thursday (05/08/2010).

If there is no hindrance crosswise, X5 is scheduled to be released into the market will start on 20 August. The price is pegged at USD 1.8 million figure.

Indonesia itself became the first country to arrival X5. Bob argued, Indonesia is a country with rapid growth in the mobile industry. So no one if the X5 comes first in the country that the number of mobile users reached 180 million.

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