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Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

SPESIFIKASI IdeaPad Z360 & Z460 | Notebook Kakak Beradik yang Ramah

SPESIFIKASI IdeaPad Z360 & Z460 | Notebook Kakak Beradik yang Ramah

Two new products to Lenovo, the IdeaPad Z360 and Z460, as the sisters 'friendly'. That is, despite its position as a laptop-class entertainment, but the price is quite 'friendly' in the bag.

Located in Wisma BNI 46 Jakarta, Monday (08/23/2010), detikINET opportunity to observe two new products on display at the Lenovo office. In general, these two products have a positioning among the classes G and Y. But they can still target market devouring class G and Y, for example for the students who are looking for cheap laptops nan entertainment.

"Our target market for this series the same as G and Y. It can be said Z is the first level of entertainment or entertainment laptop be affordable," Cung said Lucien, Products and Business Developement Manager of Lenovo Indonesia.

From the look of the keyboard, this product comes in two types chiclet keyboard. Keyboard compositions remind detikINET on their brother - ThinkPad X100e - a very comfortable and soft when used for typing.

For screen size, Z360 comes with a smaller display of 13 inch. While the 'sister' Z460 comes with a 14 inch screen size. Both are equipped with GeForce 310M graphics, which comes with Nvidia's technology Optimus.

Nvidia Nvidia Optimus is a technology that allows the use of tools to enhance graphics performance. This technology specifically designed to conserve notebook battery life. Optimus Solutions from Nvidia is actually used to replace the Hybrid SLI technology and Hybrid Graphics before.

Still the same as other IdeaPad class, Z360 and Z460, still Recognition Teknologi face detection feature, one key, energy management, and one key theater. Unfortunately this product is not equipped with two speakers JBL package, such as the IdeaPad series Y.

Although not equipped with qualified speakers, but the Z360 and Z460 still equipped with Dolby Sound. As a result, when dicolok to external speakers, pounding his voice is not less good with the IdeaPad series Y.

Z360 IdeaPad Priced from USD 600 or about USD 5.4 million. While the Z460 on sale from EUR 700 or about USD 6.3 million. Both come with the OS Windows 7 plus Lenovo Enhanced Experience, which will make Windows 7 faster performance.

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