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Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

SPESIFIKASI HP Deskjet 2050 | Hemat Energi | Printer HP Hanya Perlu 9 Watt

SPESIFIKASI HP Deskjet 2050 | Hemat Energi | Printer HP Hanya Perlu 9 Watt

Hewlett-Packard (HP) officially launched the two series all in one printer new ink-based, ie Deksjet 1050 and 2050. Deskjet Duo is claimed to save energy.

Managing Director, Imaging and Printing Group, HP Indonesia Honor Goddess Karnadi mention of the second striking advantage of this printer. "It's certainly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Consumption of electricity is less than the previous series, 99 percent of the printer of packaging materials are recyclable and more efficient use of ink," Dewi said after the launch event held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (23 / 8 / 2010) night.

To explain how these two printers frugal energy consumption, the Goddess explains that in the active mode, power consumption of printers just nine watts and 2.3 watts during standby, sleep state of 1.2 watts and 0.3 watts when turned off. "Much more efficient than most printers in active mode can use 80 to 100 watts of energy," said Dewi.

Because target consumers in the household, it's no wonder the price was quite cheap Priced, ie USD 700 thousand. Goddess Deskjet duo even claim this as the cheapest printer.

Goddess reluctant to mention the obvious about the sales target this product. But as an illustration, he mentioned today in Indonesia there are approximately 70 million households, 41 million households of which pertained adequate income and have the ability to buy a printer device. "Well, 41 million of this household who became our target market," the lid.

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