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Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

SPESIFIKASI Samsung Galaxy S

SPESIFIKASI Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung is now constantly trying to innovate in the work of their portfolio. In addition to taking firm steps to make Bada OS platform with its own, the North Korean producers also continue to refine Android phone. Here is the result.

Samsung Advanced Product Spica Galaxy was named i9000, or more commonly known by the name Samsung Galaxy S. Galaxy S is the other premium-class mobile phone, in addition to carrying the Omnia Windows Mobile.

In this Samsung mobile phones gives some major changes hue. AMOLED display has now turned into a Super AMOLED. Besides the processor also has searched class 1 GHz. Not enough, Samsung also provides functionality for mobile access points that make this phone can be transformed into a wireless modem.

Apparently, Samsung did not want to play games in the incised work this time. From tests performed detikINET, even mobile phones are able to compete with top-class excellence iPhone, HTC Desire, Milestone Motorola, or Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. See the review below to find out how good this phone actually.

Bandage materials and a list of glossy black iPhone-style silver embedded in the body of this phone. Moreover, coupled with the 'middle button' typical iPhone. If no written 'Samsung' section above and two additional menu below, people think it must be wrong.

Not only the shape, some icons in it even if you're honest impressed with iOS4 approached his new iPhone display.

Actually if you want to say like the iPhone, this phone is slightly different - exact a little better. Galaxy S exudes charm with a unique way. Smooth surface texture with anti-scratch screen, combined with curved corners is a high art aesthetics of the phone.

And it gets worse, the phone is thinner than an iPhone With a thinness of less than 10mm, Galaxy S is very fitting to insert pocket jeans.

Although the size of a thin, this phone body looks a little 'fragile'. Fortunately sturdy scratch-resistant screen for four inchi make this product less balanced than the impression of 'fragile'.

Key design a simple cell phone is on the order of the buttons are easy to use. And these conditions exist on Samsung Galaxy S. There are three main buttons on the bottom of this phone: the menu, and back home. If HTC has their own search buttons, it will not with this phone. Users can search from the menu.

On the left are the volume buttons like the other phones. While on the right side there is the power button. Yes, a power button. The question is why not a camera shutter button, because the Galaxy S did not have them. The upper part there is a microUSB port and 3.5 mm headphone jack in her slender figure.

For those not familiar, maybe a little weird to take photos with touch screen phones. But the fun, this phone can set their own focus.

Unless Dell Streak the soon-screen will appear with five inchi, Samsung Galaxy S is one of the widest-screen Android phone today. Carry the 4-inch screen sizes, the phone is equipped Super AMOLED display extra nodes. While the resolution, this phone has a size of 800 x 480 pixels.

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