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Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

SPESIFIKASI Printer HP | Irit Tinta

SPESIFIKASI Printer HP | Irit Tinta

As a manufacturer of computer printers, printing ink usage problem would be the attention of Hewlett-Packard (HP). Now, in order print can be more efficient, there are four segment solution user options to consider.

HP itself began to divide the utility segment of printer ink cartridges into four categories, namely Everyday Cartridge, Standard Cartridge, Cartridge Value, and last Specially Cartridge.

"The goal is that the needs of each individual user to be more focused," said Andrew Lesmono, Market Development Manager HP Ink Supplies, on the sidelines of an opportunity to detikINET Head Racing event with HP in Yogyakarta, Saturday (31/07/2010).

Everyday cartridge segment is intended for students and students who need to print high and often, but its cost is still friendly, the size of their pockets. Meanwhile, Standard Cartridge, designed for home users who do not too often print.

Then for Value Cartridge, HP is more focused on the segment of businessmen who have great needs in the best print quality. And last Specially Cartridge, devoted to photography lovers on the quality of color more than other segments.

The fourth segment was present in the variant categories of products newly launched HP, among others, HP Laser Jet cartridges, toners for HP Color Colorsphere Laser Jet 4525, HP Laser Jet Monochrome Toner CE278A, S 802 HP cartridges, HP cartridges 60 L, Laser Jet Toner Dual Pack, and HP Glossy Photo Paper.

"For 802 cartridges We intentionally created specifically to bridge the people who want to enjoy the quality of HP ink-sloping price," said Andrew.

He also said that HP Glossy Photo Paper is the cheapest photo paper from HP. With the rapid dry print, paper, says Adrian, suitable for printing family photos, photo downloads from the Internet or photo work.

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