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Minggu, 25 Juli 2010

SPESIFIKASI Laptop | Termurah Di Dunia

SPESIFIKASI Laptop | Termurah Di Dunia

The team from the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science, India, to develop a laptop that is claimed to be the cheapest laptop in the world. How not, the laptop will be priced costing U.S. $ 35 or about USD 300 thousand only.

Ministry of Human Resource Development of India, Kapil Sibal, this week introduced a device. Low prices very reasonable considering this laptop segment targeting school students and is specifically designed to assist educational interests.

It is said Sibal, who led the ministry approached the middle of intense global computer manufacturer to begin mass production. Sibal, however reluctant to mention the name of the computer manufacturer. Thus the information quoted from Reuters, Friday (23/07/2010).

"We have completed the development stage, either the motherboard, chip, connectivity and overall component incorporated into this device priced a price of U.S. $ 35. That's including memory, display, everything," said Sibal.

While showing off the laptop, Sibal said the gadget with touch screen capability is sold as a package with an Internet browser, PDF reader and video conferencing facilities. Weakness, laptop hardware is not flexible so that users can not add new components they want.

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