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Senin, 26 Juli 2010



Apple iPhone 4 real wish to bring the white in the market not long after the official iPhone 4 pitch. But apparently, the iPhone is off-white four present in the near future.

Apple argued, was forced to postpone the release of four white iPhones until the end of 2010 due to the manufacturing process smartphone inconvenience being reaped controversy.

"IPhone four whites were more challenging in the drafting process than we previously anticipated," said Apple, in his official statement.

Only, these observers believe the market is not necessarily so. Many sniffing the hidden agenda of the decision delay. Related namely antenna problems Apple was going on lately.

That said, Apple accidentally backed the four white iPhone launch schedule to get more time to find ways to take care of the middle antenna flog their products.

Thus, when later on the iPhone 4 sauntered into the market, there would be no discordant notes that doubts the ability of their latest gadgets.

The news itself have been circulating in the United States media. CNBC is said to be one of the first media picked up this rumor. However, quoted from Cellular News, Monday (26/07/2010), this minor blows news first from Apple's own user forum.

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