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Senin, 14 Juni 2010

SPESIFIKASI Philips 7700 Series LED Eco TV

SPESIFIKASI Philips 7700 Series LED Eco TV

Here's sophisticated technology from Philips that are not complicated. Philips Wireless Media Connect will allow us to stream any content from the laptop screen to a compatible Philips TV widgets or applications without the aid of any kind.

We can send the content of any local or Internet from a laptop to Philips Eco TV 7700 Series LED or BDP7320 Blu-ray player. Condition, special firmware have been planted on the TV or Blu-ray player. You also need to install the Wireless Media Connect software on my laptop. After the connection is formed between the TV and laptop, the TV screen will replicate whatever was on the laptop screen. Audio is also automatically transferred from computer to TV.

Wireless Media Connect can be used to share pictures with friends, presents a PowerPoint presentation on a TV, or to video conferensition . You can also stream video content to HD (high definition) directly to the TV from the local media on the laptop or from the Internet.

Content will move between TV and laptop using Wi-Fi connection and a standard home network. Philips 7700 Series LED TV is already available, but unfortunately the Philips Wireless Media Connect technology will not be planted at the TV until next September. In BDP7320 Blu-ray player Philips Price U.S. $ 230, are also new technologies available in October.

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